From: Executive Board of Richland Township Fire & Rescue (Shelly Fire Company)

Dear Community:

In light of the recent activities around COVID-19, we are continuing to prioritize the safety and health of our community, the attendees, and Members above all else.  We are postponing our weekly Bingo until further notice, also our Annual Truck Fund Raffle Dinner is canceled and will not be rescheduled.  The Truck Fund Raffle will take place on the regularly scheduled date and winners will be contacted.

I know that we are certainly not alone, as many of you are also facing difficult situations due to COVID-19.  Please continue to monitor local media outlets and the official CDC website for what you can do to further prevent the spread of this virus.

In the following days we will have more information to share with you and will reach out to you via our social media at that time.  As always, we appreciate your continued support.  If you have any questions or concerns now, please do reach out to our social media team or the station via telephone and we will try to answer all inquiries in a timely manner.

Thank you





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