Richland Township Fire And Rescue Apparatus

Current Apparatus

Rescue 56

E-One Cyclone
  Rescue 56 is a 1995 E ONE Cyclone Heavy Rescue, Seats 8 firefighters. Rescue 56 was purchased from another fire department in 1999, and placed in service in 2000. This truck is packed to the gills with vehicle extrication and technical rescue equiptment, in addition to RIT team and HAZMAT equiptment.

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Engine 56

Freightliner / E-One
  Engine 56 is a 1994 Freightliner/E ONE commercial pumper. Engine 56 seats 5 firefighters, is outfitted with 1000 gallons of water with a 1250 GPM pump.

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Tanker 56

HME / Ahrens Fox
  Tanker 56 is a 2010 HME Ahrens Fox pumper/tanker. Tanker 56 seats 6 firefighters and holds 3000 gallons of water. Tanker 56 is equipted with a 1500 GPM pump. Tanker 56 will be outfitted as an engine and be utilized during daytime calls, when manpower is limited, and taking the least amount of apparatus is most practical.

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Utility 56

  Utility 56 is a 2008 Chevy Silverado 3500 pickup. Utility 56 seats 5 firefighters. This unit is utilized for QRS and is outfitted with a wide arrange of medical equiptment.

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Retired Apparatus

Tanker 56

Mack R/4 Guys
This tanker was the primary tanker for Station 56 from 1978 when purchased to 2010 when the truck was sold to a company in upstate PA.

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General Information

Shelly Fire Company D.B.A.
Richland Township Fire And Rescue
64 Shelly Rd.
Quakertown, PA 18951
Phone: 215-536-7226
Fax: 215-529-9587


  • Bingo every Tuesday Night at 6:45 PM
  • Breakfast Buffet Second Sunday of the Month, Jan-Apr. Also Mother's and Father's day, 8AM - 1PM